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Why? What is meant by “art is a means of listening”?

Introductory background:
Hello, my name is Beatrice Sperindè, I am an artist and I study psychology with a specialization in art psychology.
I study, analyze and experience art in conscious collaboration and unconscious with the two hemispheres and with all parts of me body and spirit.
I love science and I love listening.

Why is art a means of listening?

Creation, art and specifically painting are a primal mode of communication.
We set out to process our cognitive abilities and stimulate them through art.
Art from the beginning was a means of communication between men and between a something that created.

Art is a dynamically oriented modality that promotes the integrated use of pre-verbal and verbal expressive codes: unconscious and conscious universal symbols. Individual and collective.

A fruition is continuous and variable, following our emotions and dynamic states.

Art is a bridge, an avenue for passage and processing: it is an ancestral ritual.

Painting identifies through aesthetic, bodily and somatic dimensions tools for listening, transformation and understanding.
Half hand-arm-mind leading to creation and recreation.

Art is a sublimation that is our defense and projection, a transfer of our selves to what we perform or look at.

This act awakens, transforms, processes.

Art and man are two subjects where there is still much to be discovered and are constantly evolving. Art follows man, or perhaps man is guided by art.

Psychology studies art and the mind through these strands:

  • The psychoanalytic current (starting with Freud) studies the artist and his or her personalities.
  • Gelstat psychology, studies the work of art from a perceptual point of view.
  • Experimental aesthetics studies the measurement of art.
  • Neuroaesthetics the relationship between art, experience, the CNS and the visual system.

I consider myself very eclectic, combining my practice and my experience with these fields.

I first experienced art as a great metamorphosis, as a ritual.
I have used and use art on and through my body.

It led me to a great deal of inner processing and listening.

Painting saves me, helps me out of dark and difficult times. When I’m well normally I don’t paint, in those moments I study and search is where my mind and body are very productive.

When the intense and debilitating moment comes there I fall, and at the worst moment painting saves me: sublimation, transformation, elaboration.

Understanding, admitting and accepting these nuances of myself was difficult; it took me over 30 years.
Now I try to measure up, accept and take advantage of the various moments.

It is not always easy but it is possible.

My paintings are the product of all my transformation.

This means of listening and transformation is mine and everyone’s.


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