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Art and psychology blog

A blog covering topics concerning art and psychology.

I decided to create a blog on art and psychology dealing with cultural, social, mental and emotional health issues.

Hello, my name is Beatrice Sperindè and in my life. I paint and study art and psychology. I am a painter and a Ph.D. in Psychological Science and Techniques.

At the age of 33, after years in the aftermarket industry, I decided to change my life and look for something that would help do good and bring something good to people-I needed to have a purpose with an important, deep, and useful value on a humanistic level.

First, I resumed my university studies with a focus on psychology, resumed painting and practicing and studying art. So I graduated from my bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science and Techniques, my thesis focused on studying the Psychology of Art, so I combined my two worlds of art and psychology by writing the thesis: “The Artist’s Creativity. Art and psychology in one universe.” Obviously, I am continuing to study art and am attending the master’s program in Psychology and will continue to do so being mentally stimulating, rich and evolving worlds.

Therefore, I chose to use not only the artistic medium of painting but also the symbolic medium of writing to disseminate information on cultural, social, mental health and emotional issues in order to support and help people in their development and well-being through thought stimulation.

Francis Bacon (1561-1626), English philosopher, representative of thought,
said that knowledge advances steadily and cumulatively,
discovering new laws and making new inventions possible.
Knowledge enables people to do things that otherwise could not be done.
“Knowledge is power. 



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New website online!

new website online My new site, containing all my updated works, info and contacts is finally online.

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