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Quadro Apro gli occhi sogno Libro crescita personale Ravi Alisha

when I open my eyes I dream


Not only paintings and modern art. I love to range and let creativity travel in the most different disciplines. That’s why last year I fulfilled a dream of mine: to publish my first book of Positive psychology entitled “When I open my eyes I dream.”

Quando apro gli occhi sogno libro di crescita personale

When I Open My Eyes I Dream is an experimental text, difficult to fit into predetermined classifications. It is a compendium of situations, feelings, and reflections of everyday life, bringing together humans, animals, and nature with a seeming simplicity that continually flows into depths of thought. Ravi Alisha addresses his reader in a gentle tone, slowly opening the doors of his imagination and his descriptions of the reality around us, tangible or otherwise. In doing so, she invites us to travel with her among the thousand faces that life can take on. Published by Albatross


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