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Here is a list of Alisha’s articles. Painter and psychology major.

Talks about art, psychology and pathways. To stay up to date, sign up for the newsletter.

A Pathway

a path Italian contemporary artist Ravi alisha abstract expressionist painter is born through an ever-evolving journey I want to tell you about Ravi Alisha explain

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MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ Performance art energy cathartic art Marina AbramoviĆ transition Energy what we are, what surrounds us, performance art, change, transformation, concentration, overcoming limits, ‘art

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charity auction

Eat Art Charity Auction Ravi Alisha participates in eat Art charity auction by donating one of his paintings Pace collaborates with Let’s it Art Hotel

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Personal growth

Personal Growth When I open my eyes dream personal growth book by Ravi Alisha A fantastic inner journey through the personal growth book ” when

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Jackson Pollock

Action painting abstract expressionism and Jackson Pollock, Ravi Alisha Artist his action painting works

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