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Contemporary art exhibitions

Here is a list of Alisha’s articles. Painter and psychology major.

Talks about art, psychology and pathways. To stay up to date, sign up for the newsletter.


Animalier Rome art exhibition Animalier space art contended Ravi Alisha artist Contemporary and modern art exhibition in Rome Animalier at gallery space art contesa via

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I colori e le spezie

I colori e le spezie Rome art exhibition I colori e le spezie space contended art Ravi Alisha artist Contemporary and modern art exhibition in

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Habitat contemporary art exhibition habitat artist Ravi Alisha painting exhibited peace Milan gallery Cael Pipin A new modern and contemporary art exhibition opens in Milan

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Il mondo in tasca

The world in your pocket Contemporary art exhibition the world in your pocket participates in the exhibition Ravi Alisha with the work the flowering sky

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Dreamars II

DreamArs II Contemporary art exhibition DreamArs II Milan Hub artist Ravi Alisha The cycle of life Opened contemporary art exhibition in Milan place Hub Art

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Change the Way

Change the way Ceal Gallery an art exhibition entitled Change the way Milan painter Ravi Alisha The ‘artist painter Ravi Alisha abstract contemporary exhibits in

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