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One day while meditating, I put the pieces together. 
The symbol of my painting is the triangle. Randomly chosen when I had to create my logo.

But nothing is random, at the time I had not delved into its meaning. 
The triangle in symbolism represents the ‘ASCESA of MAN to the UNIVERSE/GOD.
The three vertices correspond to “body, mind and spirit.”

I understood that until that day I had individually painted and worked on my parts of man.

At that moment I became aware of that division. If I wanted to continue my path forward I had to unite, integrate the three parts “body, mind and spirit” Hence the quest to the union of myself and the creation of this series.
In addition, the name of my art Ravi Alisha recalls the meaning to God and man “Sun protected by God” . The sun is man.
Translating the meanings expressed here, our journey of integrating ourselves leads to listening to something more, I call it Universe/God and he himself protects and leads us.
(This is my own feeling).


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