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charity auction

Eat Art Charity Auction

Ravi Alisha participates in eat Art charity auction by donating one of his paintings Pace collaborates with Let’s it Art Hotel de la Ville Monza Rotaract Sotheby’s

A new event new emotions Ravi Alisha participates in the Eat Art charity auction in collaboration with Rotaract and Sothaby’s associations, the event is organized by the creator of Let’s it art at the Hotel de la Ville Monza

Eat Art Charity Auction
Ravi Alisha
Donated work
creation work
let’s it art
Rot aract
Hotel de la Ville Monza
Event charity auction Eat Art let's art Hotel de la Villa Monza Sotheby's Rotaract Ravi Alisha with his work Peace
Event charity auction Eat Art let’s art Hotel de la Villa Monza Sotheby’s Rotaract Ravi Alisha with his work Peace

Eat Art Charity Auction

An event to promise a sustainable future for Monza schools.
The goal of the ‘event is to create a fundraiser to counter the effects of plastic on our planet.

Ravi Alisha

artist painter Ravi Alisha stage name Beatrice Sperindè is happy to participate in thecharity auction with one of her Pace artworks at the hotel de la villa, Monza .

I am honored to participate in such an important event and to contribute through his art to improve the world, a more sustainable future.

Ravi Alisha

Opera Donata

Series: Body
Title: Peace
Dimensions: 150x100x2.5cm
Technique: acrylic and paint on canvas
Year: 2020

Special features of the Pace body series framework

The series of body works is created through hands, without alternative means, a direct, instinctive contact without rules.
The hands are thus the direct connection with the canvas the colors are transformed into story, into words, into visible emotions.
Emotions are inside us, in every part, in every cell, they are in a container: the body.

Creation work

For the choice of colors I dip my hands following an inner call without reasoning about their union and the final result, once perceived on the skin I follow what I feel and paint, listening to a rhythm of them.
So I create the work until I hear “enough is enough,” and I stop.
Only there do I look at the work, observe the end result and what it brings forth in me, turn myself into a user and through what it brings forth I choose its title.
The body is our armor, our shell, our container communicates unfiltered what we are, what we experience, how we are.
The canvas thus becomes the reading of the whole, the revelation.
Colors have a psychophysiological effect on both the artist and the user, and they change, mutating as we do.

The enjoyment of this work gives rise to tranquility in me; when I look at it, a living world full of peace and synchronicity opens up to me, hence its title.

The work recalled in her the waters of our planet.

water is a unique commodity, looking at this work I see a living world full of energy, it is probably its basic blue color that made me think of the sea and life.

Ravi Alisha

Waters cover 70 percent of our planet within them there are an infinity of microfibers and microplastics that compromise the life of every living thing, we have contributed to this and we can also contribute to improve.

let’s it art

Behind this homophony is Federica a young girl full of initiative, who in 2020 creates through her passions her brand let’s it art.

Let’s art is the union of food and art, it creates and unites these two elements into one, allowing the magic, imagination, and passion of colors, flavors, and shapes to travel to other boundaries.


Rotaract or Rotary?

The Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million enterprising men and women, friends, acquaintances, professionals, and entrepreneurs who believe in a world where all peoples, together, promote positive and lasting change in communities near, far, and in each of us.

Rotaract is an association sponsored by Rotary International and dedicated to men and women over the age of 18. Each Rotaract Club is supported by the community or a university and is sponsored by one or more local Rotary Clubs


Participate and collaborate for charity auction Sotheby’s is a company dedicated to works of art globally and able to offer some of the rarest and most exceptional treasures in the world.

Sotheby’s reaches every point in the global art market, including places like New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Doha, which we have opened for the first time to international participation. With 80 locations in 40 countries, 9 sales rooms worldwide and private sales galleries in New York, Hong Kong and London, Sotheby’s conducts about 250 auctions a year in more than 70 categories.

Hotel de la Ville Monza

Place in which the ‘Eat art charity auction for environmentally sustainable plastics fundraiser will take place.

L’ Hotel de la Ville, a four-star luxury hotel in Monza overlooking the Villa Reale, is a sumptuous mansion with a magnificent award-winning restaurant, Derby Grill, ideal for business needs and leisure pleasures. Strategically located, the Hotel de la Ville and its magnificent annex.

It is located Viale Regina Margherita 15, Monza MI

To participate with us in the charity auction click here

Ravi Alisha Italian contemporary artist painter
Ravi Alisha Italian contemporary artist painter

I will be there and will be happy to meet you!

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