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Jackson Pollock

jackson pollock the proponent of non-figurative painting the possibility of self-discovery action painting abstract expressionism

What is abstract expressionism?

Who is Jackson Pollock?

What is Action Painting?

Jackson Pollock - Action Painting
An example of Action Painting by the author

Who is Jackson pollock?

Jackson Pollock is known as the foremost proponent of non-figurative, action painting because of the great outcry caused by his dripping in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Pollock explored the possibility of discovering himself as an artist, and in doing so he took on, absorbed, and expanded all the materials he instinctively appropriated that would later prove relevant to the work.

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” We only agree to disagree ”

was the unwritten motto derived from Irving Sandler, a writer and keen observer of the art scene of the time: abstract expressionism.

What is abstract expressionism?

Abstract expressionism was born in America in the 1940s in the postwar art movements.

It has the merit, abstract expressionism to highlight and center of the artist and the pictorial language of the abstract, theorizing that the ‘ unconscious is a conduit for creating art.

“Abstract expressionism is a bridge of colors that speaks, writes emotions. “

Ravi Alisha

what is action painting

Action painting is generically called abstract expressionism.

So ‘ action painting is action painting and consists of taking colors instinctively and being guided by ‘instinct, thus detaching and distancing ourselves from the reason that guides us according to the logic of acting in a given operandi.

The ‘action painting frees the parts of ‘ instinctuality and emotionality.

Jackson Pollock opens the door to drips and throws of color, giving rise to ‘action painting.

The modern artist works to express an inner world; in other words: he expresses movement, energy and other inner forces.


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