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Performance art energy cathartic art Marina AbramoviĆ transition

Energy what we are, what surrounds us, performance art, change, transformation, concentration, overcoming limits, ‘art a cathartic medium and she a woman who screamed in silence Marina Abramović.

Marina Abramović

Performance Art

Art cathartic medium

Performance in performance

Marina Abramović

who is he? does it need to be submitted? just saying her name and imagining her creates vibrations in my whole body. I imagine her sitting upright in front of me, shoulders straight, composure, strength, hands resting gently on her quads and the with her piercing gaze piercing through me and into me.

” silence, has the depth of making the loudest sound ever “

Ravi Alisha

Back to Her, Marina Abramović the ‘contemporary artist who made revolutions in more ways than one, in art and in life .

Growing up in a dark place: postwar Yugoslavia, from the mid-1940s to the mid-1970s. A communist dictatorship.

Do you have any idea of the limitation, the pain, the silence that had to be faced?

Marina grows up in a lot of pain and life confronts her with many obstacles, which as much as I regret from an empathetic point of view, are also the same ones that have allowed her to be who she is.

The pain as ugly as it is is also very deep.

It makes you touch intangible vibrations otherwise.

His autobiography through its title encapsulates this essence “crossing the walls.”

She is one of the world’s best-known artists, the performance artist of the loudest silences.

Performance Art

WeTransfer and Marina Abramović collaborate on a 24/7 digital performance art of the Abramović Method.

To share his wisdom and inner strength, concentration and endurance.

Abramović herself guides viewers through 4 iconic exercises of her Abramović Method.

His method is a creation that occurred through his journey through performance art.

These exercises are intended to help willpower and concentration to overcome physical and mental limitations.

To try this experience click here

Art a cathartic medium

‘Art brings transformation, art is cathartic, it is transition.

I want to tell you about my personal experience and the construction of my performance art Ravi Alisha that happened unknowingly but led me to an important transition of my artwork, initiating, creating the category of my Spirit paintings .

Let’s take a step back let’s start with the series of my Body Works all of which take place in a very direct and deep way with colors, dipping my hands directly into the colors.

“I live, feel, speak, listen, communicate with the colors and they with me, there is a mutual exchange.”

RAvi Alisha

” Art grabbed me by the hair and saved me “

RAvi Alisha

Why do I say this? It made me scream, cry, rejoice, be reborn and live in silences through the abstract works body series .

Back to the Performance Art Ravi Alisha I decided to make visible. The video was meant to create, to share the creation of my works, he actually created something unexpected himself.

Performance in performance

So, ‘ art, colors allowed me to face certain important moments, supported me, allowing me to transform inner parts of me, created a metamorphosis, and there I understood on my skin the power of the force of art, of colors as a cathartic medium .

The video Performance Art Ravi Alisha demonstrates this.

Imagine opening the shower so that you are submerged from head to toe in the black color, close your eyes, feel the sensations in your body totally covered in black, feel yourself, listen to yourself.

Ravi Alisha
Performance Art Ravi Alisha

At this point you do the same process with all the other colors the red, yellow, white and so on you pick…

How do you feel?

I used the word unknowingly earlier, why?

That day, with the making of the video that was meant to speak and convey the relationship between me the colors and the canvas, the creation of the paintings, I underwent performance art myself , immortalized and made visible an important piece of my creation.

The ‘art cathartic medium, transformation, transition, and there that day led me has created my second category Spirit.

The category Spirit encapsulates the essence of the flows, of the energy, deeper within us, that which is most eternal.

If you want to see

_ the video Performance Art Ravi Alisha click here

_ the abstract artwork category Spirit click here