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Today I tell you about the other me, the one who chose the university path of Psychology

The story will be short and concise, an ‘introduction to my choices and what I want to share ” me and psychology ” .

There are two things that have helped me and as I always say saved me. So this is the reason for my sharing psychology,art and my story with you.

Cathartic Art Ravi Alisha
The cathartic art Ravi Alisha

One day my psychotherapist said to me, ” There are three reasons I push to study psychology:
1) Saving oneself,
2) Saving others,
3) For success. “

Of course, I reveal to you as of now that I wished to have an altruistic purpose, but I admit that this was not the case.
I also felt a little guilty about it.

That said, how could I expect to save, help others given my psychological, emotional and physical situation.
The emptiness, the chaos by concluding I had hit rock bottom.

How many of you have been in such situations? And how did they cope? Or are they still there?

So I made the choice to go back and retrace my life, dealing with the past and the present.
To rebuild myself. Only then could I in the future move to the second purpose.

But mind you, I didn’t really know how I was going to do it. I was drastic at first.

I did not have many other choices, I was not able to fulfill them, and lastly, I did not even have the strength:
I was bent in two.

I locked myself in my inner and outer room. I was unable to do anything else, and I knew that this was the only way I could fight my inner and outer demons.

I don’t know which ones were more dangerous, but I was certainly more afraid of those outside the door.
I had to find myself, my strength, heal the wounds, stitch them up and accept them.
I had to forgive, learn to love and protect myself.

It took two years of isolation to begin to put the pieces together.

Let’s go back, back to when I started my journey, back to when within a short time the illusion of my life vanished.

What are the building blocks?

1) Psychotherapeutic support,
2) Studies in psychology
3) Analogical, metaphorical, non-verbal modes: Painting.

I started with the first one. I got there, it was the last resort I had.

Do you want to know what condition I was in at the time?

I was in a well, cold, dark with no light. I was bent over, naked, in pain, with wounds, without strength and in despair, mental madness.
In the most deafening silence.

Let’s take a step back and coincidence.
Why is life mocking or a perfect design? What do you guys think?

I think maybe it’s a perfect design: just before I hit bottom and I was still living in ‘disguised illusion. I had chosen to ‘enroll in psychology college, a dream from the past that I carried in my drawer.

And then the other main moment:

The day of the ‘shout, the call.
As if something, someone was pushing me , pulling me, toward theaction of covering myself in black.
To take the earth, the darkest, deepest color .

To take what I was seeing, feeling inside of me And take it out.
To sprinkle it on my body, to drown in it, to sink into that inner darkness.

Art cathartic Ravi Alisha the benefits of art and colors on the human being
Ravi Alisha ” Art saves man “

Well it was happening, I was bringing out my darkness. I was beginning to come out of the well, out of the deafening silence, out of the pain, out of the memories.
I was communicating, I was bringing out what was inside and on my body, what was in my mind.

I was unable to express myself in words, emotional illiteracy: alexithymia.
Instinct had just given me the keys to talk, communicate and take out .

The journey, the journey of art and psychology, was beginning.

Then I was unaware about the future, now I know what my purpose is.

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