A night in the woods


Painting action painting technique acrylic paint and material on canvas year 2020 body series

Dimensions: 100×70 cm

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work description

A night in the woods

Painting action painting title ” A night in the woods ” acrylic paint material technique on canvas size 100×70 cm year 2020 series body

The painting is created through the action painting technique Chosen title ” A night in the woods” technique used acrylic paint material on canvas chosen size 100x70cm year of realization end 2020 included in the series body


A night in the woods

The darkness, the fear, the anger, the pain.
The darkness, the fear, the anger, the pain.
Black with its depth, its darkness reigns over the whole picture.
A night in the woods to scream and find yourself with yourself.

The viewer can choose where to sit and watch.
Which emotions to choose whether to gravitate toward darkness or light.


The painting a night in the woods has a strong presence of black, this color is dark, dark, elegant, strong, encompasses anger, power.

Framework Action Painting

Action painting is an irrepressible cascade of emotions. It is ananexplosion of colors, stains and splashes.
It is also called dripping, action painting, gestural abstraction, abstract expressionism. So the basic principle of this technique is not to think but to experience the colors, to be overwhelmed by them, to feel them, to communicate with them, and to be free to do what you feel without inhibition, without judgment.


A journey accomplished in a late night. Insomnia, restlessness did not allow me to sleep, but made me paint. I spent many nights in that state, but that night I needed to turn on a light. Throwing out, talking, taking everything I was feeling and communicating it to that white paper that was ready to absorb what I had inside. I walked in the woods, stopped by the trees, brushed against them, looked at the stars in the dark blue sky, experienced the hours and silences interrupted by noises that shook me.

Ravi Alisha


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