Flamingo on Lake


Modern picture year 2020 body series

Dimensions: 40×40 cm

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work description

Flamingo on Lake


Modern painting entitled ” Flamingo on Lake ” size 40x40cm body series year 2020


The modern painting Flamingo on Lake made in ‘year 2020 on a canvas of size 40×40 cm , initially I used small canvases even 30×30 cm then I switched to huge canvases until I reached 200×200 cm, now I have achieved a balance on measures 100×100 cm. The work is part of the Body Series, the first category created.
It reflects a modern style framed in abstract expressionism.

I walk on the lake, skim the water, see it, look at it, observe it. It’s there: motionless. In its beauty, with its beak curved downward: still. In the total balance between land, water and air. In balance. I stand there, I watch it, I listen to it: I assimilate.
Ravi Alisha


Flamingo on Lake


What effect do the colors have on us?

Colors have psychophysiological effects; they are associated with, determine, and influence emotions and moods.

In this picture, which colors stand out?

Relevant colors in the picture blue, pink, black, yellow.

Curiosity about them:

Associated with power, elegance, magic, mystery and night. It also symbolizes mourning and death (Western cultures), wickedness, unhappiness, sadness, remorse and anger. Nowadays it is a popular color in women’s fashion for its slimming characteristic (black slims). In early Christian art it represented the devil. In contrast to White is the total absence of light. Indeed, black absorbs and swallows up light.


Symbolizes femininity and youth. The favorite color of most women around the world communicates a message of weakness, naiveté and softness.


It symbolizes calmness, water, sky, harmony, trust, cleanliness and loyalty. Sadness and depression. Staring at this color for a long time produces an effect of stillness, contentment and harmony. Just think of a landscape with a calm sea. Exactly like the color orange this color is perceived as vibrant but at the same time less “eventful.”


The color of the Sun symbolizes cheerfulness, happiness, growth and gold. It is perceived with expansive color. It can also symbolize dishonesty, cowardice, betrayal, jealousy, falsehood, sickness and gambling. By arousing a feeling of expansion and prompting movement, yellow corresponds to a condition of freedom and self-development.

Detailed features of the framework:

Series: Body

Title: Flamingo on Lake

Dimensions: 40×40 cm

Technique: acrylic and paint on canvas

Year: 2020


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