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Flowery Sky


Painting action painting acrylic and paint technique on canvas year 2020 body series

Dimensions: 120×80 cm

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work description

Flowery sky

Painting action painting title Flowery Sky size 120x80cm year 2020 series body


The painting Flowery Sky is one of the last of the year 2020 creation was included in the series body size chosen to imprint through action painting all the colors and energy 120×80 cm acrylic and paint technique.

Flowery sky

The title takes shape after a long contemplation, through the sensations it emanated and brought forth within me the moment I finished it.

Can a meadow be blue and filled with colors, with flowers?

A meadow can be fresh, full of color, and the sky can become its mirror.
With colors and fragrances.

The viewer can choose where to sit and watch.
What emotion to choose, what light to look at.

Framework Action Painting

Action painting is an irrepressible cascade of emotions. It is ananexplosion of colors, stains and splashes.
It is also called dripping, action painting, gestural abstraction, abstract expressionism. The basic principle of this technique is not to think but to experience the colors, to be overwhelmed by them, to feel them, to communicate with them, and to be free to do what you feel without inhibition, without judgment.


The painting was selected for the exhibition held in Genoa place Palazzo Ducale entitled Il mondo in tasca and at the Tékne Galeria Azur Madrid exhibition.


The thunderstorm is over: the tufts of grass are wet, crumpled, the drops flow from the leaves, from the petals. I walk, feel the dampness under my feet, breathe and feel the air of rain brushing against my face, cutting it in two. It caresses my eyes, ears, hair and greets me. Over there an oak tree. I climb on top of her. I hug its rough bark. I lie down on my stomach. I stop and look at the horizon. I stop to look at the delicacy of the meadow and the flowers.

Ravi Alisha

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