the path


Abstract expressionist painting acrylic and paint technique on canvas year 2021 body series

Dimensions: 120×120 cm

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work description

The Path

Abstract expressionist painting entitled The Path acrylic and paint technique on canvas size 120x120cm year 2021 body series.


Abstract painting painting created in the year 2021 through acrylic and paint technique on canvas, body series.

Meaning of the framework

This abstract expressionist painting tells of the path of life, the search for a road, the path to travel.

Galeria Azur Madrid

The work featured here was selected for exhibition within theGaleria Azur Madrid.
Reference exhibition Tékne.

abstract expressionism

It is the first art movement to emerge in the United States, approximate date 1946. It is an artistic trend focused on the individual’s desire for immediate and spontaneous affirmation through the creative act of painting,making emotions visible.


A year has gone by. I look at it as a movie. It left me. It has changed. Now I am here, I feel, the whole. I feel the movement. I sense it. I use the brush to search for that line inside me, to mark and penetrate that feeling. I try to see the road. I feel it. Launching. It’s coming. It will come. I will understand. A search… each strip, line, is a question, a search for something that is there but I can’t see it, I can feel it, but I can’t touch it. Black is a call, a shout to the ” here and now.” Present tense. A call to bring out what is underneath and I cannot yet see.
Ravi Alisha

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