White Wall 1 and 2


Action painting couple year 2020 body series

Dimensions: 60x60cm

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work description

White Wall 1 and 2


Painting action painting couple size 60×60 cm year of creation 2020


The two canvases are created simultaneously close to each other, in a frontal position hence their title White Wall 1 and 2. Year of their creation 2020, acrylic and paint technique on canvas , canvas size 60x60x2,5 cm, painting style and gestureaction painting.

I took the colors, looked at the wall, and with all my energy tried to get through it.
Ravi Alisha

This is why the title I chose for the painting was born.


The colors have the action of inner key, the technique of the famous Jackson Pollock, action technique or action painting follows precisely this principle of instinct and fluidity i.e. through colors, chosen as it were at random transport everything that is inside you, allowing a reworking of what is inside you.

This inner work is completely natural and automatic.




Title: White Wall 1 and 2

Year: 2020

Technique: acrylic and paint on canvas

Size: 60x60x2.5 cm for 2 works


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