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Luna Park


Action painting year 2020 body series

Dimensions: 80×80 cm

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work description

Luna park

Action painting year 2020 body series
title Luna Park

size 80x80cm

The title chosen for this painting is ” Luna Park ” technique acrylic on canvas action painting series body year of creation 2020 canvas size 80x80x2,5cm


Every child has been there or would like to go there.
A walk of lively, happy emotions and games.
Rides, sounds, shouts and laughter.
The scent of powdered sugar and colored candies.
A ride at Luna Park.


Unique and unrepeatable painting, year of creation 2020, included in the Body Series .

Canvas size 80×80, acrylic technique.

This painting a participated in the exhibition Ars et Lux . Itwon the award for best work.



Action painting

Why Action Painting? Action painting, instinct. Taking colors, following an inner drive, without question, dipping your hands into the colors, feeling them, penetrating them, listening to their psychophysical effect and doing what they trigger.

When people talk about action painting they think of Jackson Pollock, a genius, who made his internal rebellion remain etched on canvas. For Pollock, art was also a therapeutic path.

Art is a path, it’s therapy, it’s growth, it takes you into the depths and makes you bring out what you have inside, and then see it all written down and imprinted on canvas.



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