Abstract painting acrylic technique on canvas year 2021 Spirit series

Dimensions: 100×100 cm


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work description


Abstract painting entitled ” Koi ” acrylic technique on canvas size 100×100 cm year 2021 Spirit series


The new abstract painting entitled ” Koi ” created by means of the acrylic technique, canvas size 100×100 cm, included in the Spirit Series.

The framework

Art is metamorphosis; colors speak and communicate on an unconscious and psychophysiological level. They are a bridge between inside and outside. Koi is a flow of colors and energies. A call to the inner spirit.


Symbol of love and friendship. Koi is a Japanese word, the translation of which is carp.
Traditionally considered a good luck charm. Its longevity makes it an emblem of long life.

The carp is the messenger of the Immortals. They are said to use it to rise to heaven, and in its belly they find messages and seals. The carp is a symbol of courage and perseverance.

Koi legend

An ancient Chinese legend tells of a brave and persevering carp who managed to climb up the waterfall located on the Dragon Gate along the Yellow River, overcoming obstacles and evil spirits. The gods, impressed by such courage, turned her into a great dragon. In the form of a dragon, the carp acquires the gift of immortality and has become a symbol of those who aspire to accomplish great feats and are not afraid to face the hardships of life. This initiatory path symbolizes the path of the human being himself who, if he develops in himself constancy and perseverance, can emerge from the lows of life and become erudite and self-aware, a superior man.

Fang Shui

Feng Shui is an art that gives us guidance on how to arrange, orient and furnish our living spaces in a way that achieves a positive energetic influence that goes to harmonize our well-being.

The underlying concept is that every space as well as every living being has its own life energy that communicates and interferes with the energies it encounters on its path.
So the moment we live in an environment, the energy of this space relates to our energy.

In Feng Shui, fish scales resemble the scales of dragons, a powerful and protective animal.

An Aquarius in the home activates Yang energy, giving us vitality, inner strength, creative ideas and drive.

Koi represents just that, the activation of Yang energy, protective energy and strength.


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