I wish you Serenity


“Special Message Series”
” I wish you Serenity “

Dimensions: 20x20x2,5 cm

Price: 250.00
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work description

I wish you Serenity


Painting title ” I wish you Serenity ” 20x20cm year 2021


Painting year 2021 “Special series with special messages ” size 20x20x2.5 cm acrylic technique on canvas ” I wish you Serenity “.

The Limited Edition 21 “Special Message Series” contains No. 6 important messages,

I wish you:

_ Happiness

_ Affection

_ Serenity

_ Joy

_ Balance

_ Peace

Each painting contains a dedicated message and energy.

The choice to make these works is a desire to give, to bring what they contain to the places and people they are intended for.

Each work is signed with certificate of authenticity.


Colors and energy

Colors have an effect on us, psychophysically on our bodies. Unconscious action.
They flank us at any time in our lives; they can be sensed at the empathic, tactile and visual energy levels.
They have an effect on both the artist and the user.

We choose colors with which to surround ourselves

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