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Our personality the colors psychology a path to awareness

the colors the personality the effect on us
the colors the personality the effect on us ” awakening”

Colors are our personality.
Even before it is a scientific certainty, it is an intuitive belief for us that color exerts apsychophysical action on the organism (human and otherwise).

Seeing, touching and sensing. Color exerts a complex action on us, both physical and psychic.

“Who ever sees a color does not only perceive a certain range of electromagnetic vibrations, but simultaneously feels its emotional effect.”

Max Lüscher

Color creates a certain emotional mood.
Of course, we are not always aware of the physical and psychic impression that color makes on us. Swiss psychotherapist, sociologist and philosopher Lüscher says colors speak a “predominantly unconscious emotional language.”

A color, in fact, can express different emotional states, depending on its gradations.
According to Lüscher, the meaning of colors is universal and objective, regardless of culture. However, this is entirely subjective to theattitude a person or culture takes toward a color and especially what it arouses on a physical and psychic level.

If you think of white what attitude do you have? And to black?
Culture affects the relationship we have with colors. White in some cultures is used for funeral celebrations. So what varies is not the meaning of color, but the culture’s attitude toward meaning. But beware the proper meanings of the colors remain unchanged. The subject’s personal situation changes his or her color preferences, not the meaning of color.

Let me explain further:
If every at one time a person prefers blue and at another time rejects it, it is not because it changes the meaning of that color (calm, quiet, sedation).
Instead, it changes the attitude that person takes toward situations of détente (an attitude that can be one of desire and seeking, or one of rejection and avoidance).

So when you look at one of my paintings, which are spots, lines, splashes of colors and shapes let yourself be carried away and listen inside to what is happening.

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