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the colors

The colors

the path that occurs through colors a bridge between us and ‘the outside world

The colors grabbed me and pulled out everything I had inside they were a bridge between me and the canvas

Ravi Alisha action painting
action painting the colors on the psyche Ravi Alisha

Through colors I began to pull out, and express myself. They have been a bridge, a filter between me and the outside world.
They allowed me to speak without fear, without judgment, without shame.

I have always painted and even in the past it was a technique I used unconsciously when I needed to find myself.

Growing up a psychotherapist, he used drawings to give me therapy, and there he exposed me to this way of being. A world that was partly unfamiliar to me but which I felt was mine.

I felt I was in the right place.

Ravi Alisha

However, my choices had caused me to set aside the colors, thus giving up on me again.

But life is mocking. It brought me back to a point that I needed to talk and use colors again. It brought me back to find myself.


Colors have an unconscious effect on our psyche, body and soul. They convey emotions to him; they are empathetic.
It’s not always fun, it’s nice to paint, I found myself quitting because I was frustrated, nauseated, angry, exhausted, upset.
I found myself taking colors and screaming, dancing, jumping, performing rituals, finding keys.

They are a dynamic bridge, between yourinside and outside, not only for those who create them but also for those who experience them by looking at them.

At first when they asked me to describe them, it was very hard, the first paintings, 2020 body series , which I started to show were created in a very intense and very strong period.

Now I would say that I am ready to communicate and convey their potential.

My studies through the Psychology degree certainly have been supportive of my understanding and knowledge from a different, more analytical magazine point. While the other part of me, the creative and the artist experiences firsthand the feeling and effectiveness of this tool.

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Ravi Alisha Artist modern and contemporary artist
Ravi Alisha Artist modern and contemporary artist