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Triangle symbol

triangle symbol

A journey body mind and spirit and my triangle symbol the three categories of my works

The triangle

Body mind and spirit

Ravi Alisha Artist
Ravi Alisha Artist artist painter contemporary art

Our life is a path full of signs which throughintuition go up and take shape.

” Life is our true path, in constant becoming. “

Ravi Alisha

I want to tell you about two important pieces of my life and artistic journey.

The triangle

Let’s start with the triangle, do you know the meaning of this symbol?

Do you want the truth?

Actually when I chose it I didn’t know and like many things in my life the choice happened without much question I felt it was mine. It attracted me.

” When choices happen in the flow they are the right ones “

Ravi Alisha

One of the wonderful things about life is just that: every day is a birth, a discovery, every day is unique.

We are here, we are blessed to discover everything around us, to learn and to live.

Life is a path granted to us, the best fortune? Exist!

So let’s put aside just for a moment the power of emotions and explain my choice of the triangle somewhat empirically, here I chose the support of Carl Gustav Jung.

Jung would explain this choice of mine through the theory of thecollective unconscious: that is, the conscious choice of the unconscious is guided by the intuition of what we know and what we have inherited.

We are actually much more aware than we think, we just have to have the courage to listen to ourselves and to listen to the signs that life itself gives us.

So the symbol of the triangle, among other meanings, representsman”s ascent to the divine.

I would say this is the first revelation I make to you about my artistic journey.

A body mind spirit path

Body mind and spirit

Whereas, the body mind and spirit pathway when was it born?

One day I started this mantra, and I wrote it down.

” A path body mind and spirit “

Ravi Alisha

I have taken one of my many notebooks, strictly paper, scattered wherever I can find them the moment something comes along that resonates with me, so that at the right time I can begin to browse, browse until submerged I find what I need.

Do you ever get something that feels likeenlightenment?

You may ask, so where are you going with this?

I’m coming!!!!

So one day while I was doing yoga another pezzentino comes along and the triangle and the ” body mind and spirit path” came together:

That is, a snapshot the whole thing acquired meaning:

At the center the triangle, at the base of the triangle at one side was Body at the ‘other Mind and at the vertex opposite these two was Spirit, and at the same vertices corresponded my three different pictures.

All experienced in a circular and continuous way the body, mind and spirit path to the quest.

A short time later I open a book and read.

“Throughout the journey of life, the individual has the opportunity to evolve his or her spiritual growth through the achievement of inner unity between body, mind and spirit.”

Book Living and Dwelling Feng Shui by Daniela Bailo and Luca Negri

Are you ready to see the triangle, the body mind and spirit path ?

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