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My name is Beatrice Sperindè,

I draw, I paint and I am a
Ph.D. in Psychological Science and Techniques

What is my purpose?
Bringing well-being, making pages of happiness through creativity.
Helping and accompanying man to be happy.

I practice two avenues of artistic expression:

_ I combine elements of everyday life: people, animals, nature, things; from which I take cues and combine in a dynamic way. Deliberately showing the beauty of life, the positive emotions. I invite people to travel in images, colors and feel good.

_ I use art as a method of knowing the psyche-soma, as therapy and sublimation for myself and the user. Creativity is a means of communication and transformation.

I use and combine together different techniques:
acrylic, watercolors, dry chalk, colored pencils, charcoal, markers.

To this day I paint on drapes, creating backgrounds and soft shapes of colors.
I draw quick lines on paper, iPhone, iPad and Moleskine Smart, according to desire.

I find inspiration by walking, by observing.
I pick up details that strike me, people that trigger my emotions, and thus
I create a world that is realized in becoming.
I study psychology.

Journey to discover, to know what exists and to create new ideas.
Journey to study art, learn techniques, feed the need for beauty, knowledge and contemplation.


Art is a socio-cultural medium, a means of internalization and development, a means of creating thought.

It is a means of transformation.
Art is the possibility of creating a chapter in history for today and for the future.

Art is a means of knowing who we are today.

Thank you.”


Send me a private message and request availability, price and specifications of the works.