My name is Beatrice Sperindè I am a painter.

Painting is an evocation, I am guided by something I feel, perceive, see and in the end I manifest it on the surface of the canvas.

I paint the man.

Through my paintings I tell the story of man, his journey and development, obviously starting with me.

I use different materials such as acrylic, watercolors, chalk, charcoal, and markers. I support myself with photographic materials, computers or similar, books of different subjects.

I have a degree in educational psychology. Over the years I have delved into various holistic courses such as Quantic Touch, Reiki, Metamedicine, Theta Healing. I practice a lot of sports which allows me a listening and knowledge of my own. I write, photograph and travel. I have a very broad view of life on all levels, open to discovery. It all supports me in my quest for the development of man and his narrative through painting.

I am a conduit, a messenger through my artworks I bring light, with which I tell and paint messages.

I am a painter my name is Beatrice Sperindè, nice to meet you and get to know you,

To you and to you who are reading: Thank you


Send me a private message and request availability, price and specifications of the works.