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My story

I (re)started painting in the year 2020 and there I made a choice, art. The why is perhaps superfluous but necessary to explain. I was in a change of course, I was in inner and outer darkness, and one day that darkness carried over to my body. So, I had arrived there. I had put on so many masks and had transformed and corrassed myself to such an extent that I was mirrored and faced a stranger. I was painting nonstop, with a rhythm dictated by impulses. Painting made me feel alive and transformed me, lifting layers, creating metamorphosis by leading me back to my essence. I remember at one of my shows I explained this to a Curator and she said, “As if I were guided,” it resonated with me, I had to wait to get a clearer idea.

Ravi Alisha

Between 2020-2022, a succession of elements came together that explained what I was doing.
At the same time as art I had also resumed my studies in psychology. These, from the rational point of view supported inputs of reflections and understandings. I took the time to listen to myself.
I wrote a book “When I Open My Eyes I Dream,” a set of fairy tales illustrated by my own drawings with keys to life.

During these years I painted and published the book under the name Ravi Alisha, this pseudonym was then chosen as the name to assemble the abstract paintings of this development: Body, Mind and Spirit. These led to the Union of my Triangle and my path by illustrating the way. I reunified, regenerated and connected my parts through painting.

You could call it art therapy, but I was doing something beyond that I was following intuitions, reading the signs that came, connecting and my hands were creating on the canvases that something that was then interpreted and translated. I’ve always been mystical, always listened to something.

“Madre” è il mio sguardo rivolto alla donna, a ciò che rappresenta. La sua forza la sua unicità di riproduzione e creazione.


In 2022 I give myself a trip that represents closure on a great chapter of the past, and there a new vision and desire to approach painting opens up to me. I feel the need to make visible to the human eye and understandable what I see and feel, I create a new series consisting of 7 paintings, I paint using the projector and from the photos taken along that journey, I felt insecure of my hands it had been years since I drew: I was afraid to show myself. Halfway through creating the paintings I realize that I was drawing my child, my story with experiences. I was taking out, processing and transforming. Lampedusa series the child, the inner child.


In the meantime, I draw, regain contact with the pencil and my hands, try to gain confidence and figure out the “what to do.” Painting. Studying, graduating (2022-2023), thesis in Psychology of Art: “The artist’s creativity. Art and Psychology in One Universe.” Delivery. I come back a little disappointed. I paint something. I begin a new personal journey of my own, getting closer to a part of me. Repartition.

2023 I begin to paint new paintings, these I feel, I like at the third painting I understand that I am putting in another piece. Evocations Series.

2023 End, begin a new journey of painting that unites and creates new forms.

The story continues.

Thank you
Beatrice Sperindè


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