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The act of drawing is something we are all familiar with; we have all experienced it. We give the children pencils, markers, papers and they draw share what they feel, see, dream.

This act of communication dates back to prehistoric times, and we can still admire these legacies and all their modifications up to the present day. It is an act of communication dating back to prehistoric times, Over time as human needs changed, art adapted and underwent changes. today we can admire these legacies and all their modifications up to the present day. Art with a capital “A” requires great dedication, study and research. Art is a narrative of life, culture, history.

“What will we give today to our successors? What does man need today?”

My journey begins like the story of any child who draws and uses colours without asking what he is doing.


2020-2022 Book - Painting - Therapy - Ravi Alisha

In 2021 I publish my book “When I open my eyes I dream .” It is described as a text that is difficult to fit into established classifications. It is a compendium of situations, feelings, and reflections of everyday life, bringing together humans, animals, and nature with a seeming simplicity that continually flows into depths of thought. I invite the reader to travel through the myriad faces that life can take on. Inside the book you can find some of my collections of pre-2020 drawings. The book is published under the pseudonym, Ravi Alisha, literally meaning Sun Protected by God.

I will choose to use this pseudonym in painting from 2020 to 2022 to which I integrate the triangle symbol. The triangle, in one of its meanings, represents the journey of man, the vertices corresponding to Body, Mind and Spirit.

I therefore build three series to which I each dedicate a part of the human being: body, mind and spirit. To paint these pictures I am inspired by the many shades of abstract expressionism. I use these works for therapeutic and cathartic work. Under the name Ravi Alisha I create one last series that I call the Spotted World.

“Madre” è il mio sguardo rivolto alla donna, a ciò che rappresenta. La sua forza la sua unicità di riproduzione e creazione.

2022 Lampedusa

In 2022 I begin to feel the need to return to figurative elements, to communicate more directly. I am beginning a series of experimental and research work.

Upon returning from my trip to Lampedusa, I decided to assemble the images of some photographs taken on the island from two different perspectives. For the background I use sea reflections and for the figures women and children. I realise the paintings with the support of the projector. This series represents some of the possible traumas and mother-child bonds.

2023 Visions - Faces

In 2023 I create two series that I call one “Visions” and the other “Faces.”

“Visions” symbolizes the spiritual quest of the chakras. “Faces” a call to feminism.

End 2023

At the end of 2023 I do a series of lighthearted, joyful, dreamlike paintings dedicated to the childlike part within us, “The Circus of Life.”


I choose to extend what I have done so far and represent today’s humanity, devote myself to the use of painting as a means of spreading social, cultural, mental and emotional well-being issues.

What does man need?

Creation continues.
Thank you
Beatrice Sperindè


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